Software and R packages

Below we have collected information about psychTestR and psyquest.

The software packages psychTestR and psyquest were developed by the LongGold team for assessing cognitive and musical abilities as well as the the development of musicality in adolescents. psychTestR is an R package for creating interfaces of behavioural experiments. psyquest is an R package that contains a set of psychosocial and music-related questionnaires implemented as psychTestR modules within Shiny, a web development framework.


You find information about psychTestR and the installation of psychTestR on

and more detailed information about its functionality on

The function-level documentation can be found on

For an overview of psychTestR’s features, see the overview paper by Peter Harrison in the Journal of Open Source Software:

Find Peter Harrison’s psychTestR repository on GitHub here:


We have provided a guide to installing psyquest and to compiling questionnaires with examples in this introduction:

Watch our tutorial with an installation guide and an example (in German):

All questionnaires included in psyquest used in the LongGold project are provided at (section “Self-report Questionnaires on Musical and Other Activities” and “Self-report Questionnaires on Psycho-Social Factors”).

Find Frank Hoeger’s psychTestR repository on GitHub here:

For setting up a server running psyquest, refer to Anthony Chmiel’s ‘Guide to creating a server for online R experiments using psychTestR’:

psychTestR Server