How to participate

We always want to hear from schools that are interested in joining the LongGold study. So far all of our participating schools are secondary schools from Germany and UK with very diverse backgrounds (i.e. state schools, private schools, academically selective and non-selective schools, comprehensive schools).
The school curriculum does not need to have a focus on music. In fact, we are interested in how musical abilities develop in literally all children (with and without special musical training, from musical and non-musical homes, from rich and poor parts of the country etc.).
If your school participates in the study, the research team will come around to the school once a year to test all students a year group. A testing session usually takes about 70-90 minutes and we can test several groups of students simultaneously in their classrooms.
The number of year groups to be tested and the total period of active participation on the project can be agreed with each school individually.
If you think that your school might interested in participating in the LongGold study, please contact us.