Benefits for schools

Besides contributing to science and joining a high-profile international study, schools can benefit from participating in the LongGold project in many ways, e.g.:

  • After each testing round we send all participating schools a short, individualized report providing information on the school’s strength and weaknesses in comparison with the sample of all schools (fully anonymized). These short reports do not only focus on musical or academic development but also contain information about the students’ willingness to engage with the schools, their attitudes to learning as well as their personal strengths and difficulties. Hence the reports also provide a comprehensive picture of the students’ well-being at school.
  • We can speak to teachers, parents and children at school events, assemblies or conferences.
  • We offer a range of teaching materials on music psychology and musical development, suitable inclusion in the Music or Psychology syllabus of secondary schools.
  • Your school will be mentioned in scientific publications as well as on all LongGold outlets.